Tooth Type Rotary Table

SUHI-Tooth Type Hydraulic Positioning Series makes use of a three-piece clutch gear that is extremely accurate. Japanese-made worm gear can be availed by the customers upon request. Its large hole design facilitates machining. It is made of high-quality, long-lasting cast iron and its greater body thickness also improves load resistance. It also features a big diameter through-hole. The strong strength, heavy cutting resistance as well as excellent accuracy of the equipment make it highly sought after by many industrial clients. Furthermore, SUHI-Tooth Type Hydraulic Positioning Series offers a variety of sheet metal shields to fit a variety of motors.

The SUHC (Vertical) Tooth Type Hydraulic Positioning uses a three-piece clutch gear having an accuracy reaching of plus or minus five seconds. Customers can choose from various indexes such as 4, 6, 8, 12 as well as 24. There are several special indexes as well comprising 2, 3, 5, 9, etc. It is also constructed using cast iron of superior quality and longevity. Its increased body thickness enhances the load resistance. It is highly suitable for heavy cutting because of its great strength and superb precision. Overall, the aforementioned features makes SUHC (Vertical) Tooth Type Hydraulic Positioning heavily demanded.

As compared to SUHC (Vertical) Tooth Type Hydraulic Positioning, the SUHC (Horizontal) Tooth Type Hydraulic Position works horizontally and it also used a three piece clutch gear and has a precision of reaching up to minus or plus 5 seconds. Rest of the features of the horizontal one is same as that of vertical one. Just like the vertical one, it is also made of high quality and long lasting cast iron and its great level of body thickness also increases the resistance towards load. Additionally, SUHC (Horizontal) Tooth Type Hydraulic Position can also be used for heavy cutting.

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